A Ticket to the Unknown

Recently, after listening to a podcast on Hy Brasil, I became interested in mythical islands and the legends behind them. Often these places are sunken by gods, impossible to find, or shrouded in mystery. In some cases they are populated with an advanced human race such as Lemurians with their telepathic powers, or undiscovered species like the large black rabbits of Hy Brasil. However, there is little evidence to prove any of these places exist other than stories told by explorers, names on maps and translated text written by academics of the time. Whether these places are real or not, the stories that accompany them are fantastical and imaginative and sparked my interest in the unknown.

I designed these tickets based on 8 mythical places. Each one contains a flat colour graphic relating to the legend of the island/city. The idea was to represent a large part of the legend in a very simple graphic form.

Lost Places-09Lost Places-10Lost Places-11Lost Places-12Lost Places-13Lost Places-14


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